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What We Do

WomanSong is a singing group for women, based in Richmond, NSW. We offer sponsored membership for those who need it. The cost of sponsorships is covered by generous contributions from individuals, organisations and fund raising activities.

Our Singing Sessions

At WomanSong we come together in circle to laugh, sing, and enjoy the wonderful feeling of singing in harmony with others.


We sing spine tingling harmonies, freedom songs, rounds and all manner of feel good lyrics – come and join in the fun!

We meet from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm on the Wednesday nights during school terms at the Richmond CWA Hall, 20 West market St, Richmond NSW 2753.

For more information contact:



  1. Casual Attendance -  $15 per session
  2. Members -  $100 for a 10 week school term
  3. Sponsored Members  - Free 


Want to become a Sponsored member of WomanSong?

At WomanSong, we welcome any woman on a pension or benefit (or under any other form of financial hardship) to become a sponsored member.

Please email Suze to access this free membership of WomanSong:



WomanSong is a social enterprise which offers sponsored membership to our singing circle for those who need it.

To become a sponsor, contact Suze Pratten:

Sponsorshipship Info

Sponsor a woman for 1 term for $100

Sponsor a woman for 1 year for $400 (i.e. 4 terms)